Franchising and professional sports

Many franchisors have a very clear idea of what the ideal franchisee should look for your concept. Personal attitudes toward each industry sector plays as big a role as any existing knowledge in the desired new career field. However, the life of a professional athlete has the best possible preparation for a career as a franchisee.

As a professional athlete, you have to put his skills in different areas of the test: Teamwork, leadership and self-discipline – these are all characteristics that can be very useful for future franchisees.

This is quite clear from a quote from the president of the International Franchise Association, Steve Caldeira: “Athletes are strong leaders and know how to stay ahead in competition.

In addition, they have learned to work as a team member and as part of a system to contribute their share to the common success. ” The strong connection between former athletes and the franchise industry is strengthened by the fact that careers in competitive sports usually relatively short (typically less than 10 years) – and many of these athletes do not deserve much more than in the media is often reported.

“The professional athlete of today know that they are at an early stage have to think about a second career. 85 – 90% of American athletes earn several hundred thousand dollars a year – but they cannot play very long active. „- said Michael Stone, a former NFL football player, in an interview for OC Register.

This means that the franchises more and more becoming a popular alternative. In the October issue of the magazine “Franchising World”, the former National Hockey League player and current president of Mr. Handyman International, Alex Roberts, made a comparison as to which is similar to the movement of a franchise branch of the successful management of a sports team.

Here is a brief list of the main characteristics:

  • A positive attitude can infect an entire team
  • Each team member is responsible for his position his / her area
  • Leaders must ensure that the entire team is a functioning network of
  • Leaders have a role model, and shall, within their teams for discipline
  • Get to know your competitors

Winning teams are working on the game books, which may possibly be compared with franchise manuals. To strengthen the connection between professional sport and franchise industry in America even further, was founded in the summer of 2010, the Professional Athlete Franchise Initiative (PAFI).

The aim of the presented Stone’s Coliseum Enterprises organization is to illustrate the value of the franchise industry for a career after sports performance and equally emphasize why former athletes are particularly well suited as a franchisee.

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